Using out-of-date apps or templates and plugins for them, or using simple passwords always poses a threat to your Internet sites since these things make it significantly easier hack them. Things will get even worse if you have a few different sites because all of them will be in danger when an attacker gets control of just one of them. Because of this we have introduced JailHost - an advanced level security feature that isolates Internet sites from each other. If a website is compromised, the attacker will be unable to view or access any other content outside the website folder, so all the rest of the Internet sites hosted within this account will be protected and will remain intact. The JailHost option won't be a substitute for doing regular script updates or using proper passwords, but it will minimize any damage to your Internet sites significantly, so you will need to fix only one Internet site not all of them.

JailHost in Shared Website Hosting

We have included JailHost for all shared website hosting plans, so you can protect any of your websites with just a couple of clicks inside the Hepsia Control Panel. The feature isn't active by default to prevent interfering with any websites where you might want visitors or admins to access content from other folders in your account, but activating it for all other sites is very quick. Unlike some other Control Panels where the vast majority of domains have their files in the exact same main folder, all domains and subdomains in Hepsia have separate folders, which makes the control and the protection of multiple websites easier. In the unfortunate scenario of a site getting hacked, your other sites will be safe and we always have a couple of daily backups for the affected one, therefore we'll be able to bring it back to its initial state in just a few minutes.

JailHost in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server plans come with JailHost included by default. The option is not activated automatically when you add a domain because you may want to use some script which accesses several folders in the account, but you can activate it without any difficulty through your Hepsia Control Panel and protect the rest of your websites with just a couple of clicks. Hepsia is much better to use for people who have multiple websites since it keeps them in individual folders and doesn't keep the files for several sites in the very same folder as it often happens with other Control Panels. This enables us to offer you JailHost as all folders can be isolated from one another. In case that any of your websites is hacked, we will be able to almost instantly restore it because of the several daily backup copies which we will keep and meanwhile your attacker won't be able to do further damage as the access to your other websites will be stopped.