Developing a website might not appear as a very easy task to people who lack previous experience with such matters. Internet sites today are typically dynamic, with lots of options, so setting up such content may seem rather difficult. Luckily, you can have such a site with minimum efforts even when you have never created one up to now as you can use themes - pre-made Internet sites that you’ll be able to change or expand in accordance with your preferences. If you prefer a feature-rich site, for example, you may use templates for script-driven apps, while for something simpler you could use static templates. Regardless, starting your online presence will be quite simple because you will not need any previous experience or skills to set up a website.

Free Website Templates in Shared Website Hosting

With each of the shared website hosting plans that we offer we'll provide you with access to numerous templates you can use for your websites. Our website builder offers you 70+ themes for simpler websites and it will allow you to use pre-defined pages, pick the style or color scheme for a given template, and so forth. For dynamic sites we have a huge selection of web templates which you can use with script apps such as WordPress, Mambo or Moodle. You'll be able to modify various settings for each template using the administration panel of the corresponding script, so you'll not need any programming knowledge in order to have a stunning web site. All the web templates are available totally free and are accessible from the hosting Control Panel, so you'll not need to throw away cash on purchasing paid themes or hiring a web designer.

Free Website Templates in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server solutions feature a large number of templates that we provide for totally free. You can access our website builder via the website hosting Control Panel and use one of its 70+ web templates, choosing the color scheme, style and the sort of pages that you want. We will also provide you with a huge selection of themes for some of the script applications offered with each and every hosting account – Joomla, Moodle, 4Images, WordPress, etc. They will help you have stunning dynamic websites with minimum efforts and you can conveniently manage quite a lot of template options using the administration area of the particular script. Through our absolutely free site templates, you won't have to spend a lot of money on website design services when you want to have a distinctive website.